Natterjacks Gig 30th April

Ceaux Fly played at Natterjacks on the 30th April. It was a great gig! I’d say one of our best!

We were given a 35 minute slot and our set list consisted of;

Megatron | Razors Edge | Love Shack | Summertime | Jupiter Rock | New One (Un-named) | Long Train Running

Will recorded all of the set, so we should have some footage up soon!


Masterclass Videos on YouTube

I have contacted the school that I did my masterclass at to ask for the ‘Amazing Grace’ performance video or audio that was done at the showcase. Hopefully I will be getting this very soon, and I will upload as soon as possible.

Possibly Organising, Promoting & Hosting My Own Gig?

I have recently been thinking about organising, promoting and hosting my own gig. A while ago I spoke to Kev, who runs The Shed venue, asking him about the possibility of organising a gig at his venue. He seemed really pleased with the idea and told me to get in contact with him when I wanted to book the gig.

This is something that I am considering to do, just for experience purposes. It will allow me to experience all of the planning that goes into gigs and get a chance to see if promotion would be something that I could see myself doing as a career.

I am going to message some artists that I know to see if they would be interested in playing. A date has not been set yet, but I would be thinking around July time, as college would be finished and having it in July would give me a lot of time to organise the gig thoroughly.

Recording A Cover With Oscar Prince

Me and Oscar Prince have decided that we are going to record a cover together. The song of choice is ‘All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun’ by Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser.

Oscar introduced me to the song and now I love it! I am really excited to record this song and work with a musician who I haven’t worked with before.

Check out Oscars social media > ||

Natterjacks All Day Event

On the 30th April, Ceaux Fly are performing at a Natterjacks all day music and family fun event starting at 3pm.

This will be our second time performing at Natterjacks, and last time it was great. We are hoping that this time will be even better!

Ceaux Fly will be on at 9.50 for a 35 minute set. Our new (still un-named) song will be played for the first time, so it will be great to see what the response is!

Come down for a great day of music!


Teaching Permission Letter & Reply Slips

For my teaching, I had to get permission from parents or carers to video their child. I have scanned in the letter that I wrote to parents and some of the reply slips that I got back too.

I needed permission from parents for safeguarding issues, especially as it was in a school environment. Luckily all parents agreed for their child to be recorded for my masterclass which was really helpful!

Ceaux Fly’s New Song

Ceaux Fly have been busy writing a new song. It has more of a disco vibe to it than our others, but is yet to be named.

As a band, we decided to write a new song with a more dance-along disco feel. I think we have achieved this! Many people have said it could be our “best song so far”!

The song includes losts of breaks and harmonies, and personally I feel it pushes my vocal abilities as it sits at the top end of my ‘chest voice’ range. Also because the song is in the disco genre, the vocals need to be powerful and soulful to make the song sound fuller. Power is something that I have worked on in vocal lessons since starting college, and will continue to work on when I leave. From practicing more powerful songs and using the techniques given to me by Graham, I really do think that my power has improved which I am so happy about.

Hopefully we will be gigging this song soon. But in May we will be recording it with the Honey Label!

… We just need to find a name for it …

Honey Label Meeting & Recording Sessions

Last week Ceaux Fly met with the Honey Label.

It was a great meeting where we discussed recording sessions and a possible tour! Exciting stuff!

We have set dates to record which are the 5th and 12th May. Really looking forward to this! The songs that we will be recording are ‘Summertime’ which was one of our first originals to be written, and a new disco song that is unnamed.

One of the producers have a massive interest in Jazz music, and has told us that we could incorporate some orchestral instruments in the final mix. He also said for us to use the instruments sparingly as this will help give the track more dynamic range. We all agreed and are excited to get recording.

The reference tracks that we gave were ‘Take Back The Night’ by Justin Timberlake and ‘Brand New’ by Pharrell Williams.