Possibly Organising, Promoting & Hosting My Own Gig?

I have recently been thinking about organising, promoting and hosting my own gig. A while ago I spoke to Kev, who runs The Shed venue, asking him about the possibility of organising a gig at his venue. He seemed really pleased with the idea and told me to get in contact with him when I wanted to book the gig.

This is something that I am considering to do, just for experience purposes. It will allow me to experience all of the planning that goes into gigs and get a chance to see if promotion would be something that I could see myself doing as a career.

I am going to message some artists that I know to see if they would be interested in playing. A date has not been set yet, but I would be thinking around July time, as college would be finished and having it in July would give me a lot of time to organise the gig thoroughly.


Recording A Cover With Oscar Prince

Me and Oscar Prince have decided that we are going to record a cover together. The song of choice is ‘All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun’ by Jeff Buckley and Elizabeth Fraser.

Oscar introduced me to the song and now I love it! I am really excited to record this song and work with a musician who I haven’t worked with before.

Check out Oscars social media >

oscarprince55.wordpress.com || soundcloud.com/oscar-prince

Newton Faulkner at Leicester College

Newton Faulkner is coming to Leicester college on the 15th April, to give students a chat about the music industry and his journey!

Really looking forward to this as I think it will be really interesting.

Questions that I would ask:

  1. Who inspired him to start playing and making music? Are they still your inspiration or has it changed?
  2. Was he looking for a record deal, or did it just happen?
  3. What is his songwriting process? How does he get lyric ideas?
‘Human Love’ is the title track of the new album