So pleased to announce that today I have uploaded my Cover EP onto SoundCloud!

This Cover EP is for my freelance business project at college.

At the beginning of the business unit I decided to do a Cover EP to expand my skills in mixing, gain more experience within a recording environment and to work on promotion skills. I also thought that it would be a great way to promote myself in the future to get work.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this whole process. At times it has definitely been a challenge, but it is great, and worth it, to be able to see a final product! Extremely pleased with how the EP sounds. I know that my strength is not in mixing, but I am happy that I have been able to build on this skill and will hopefully progress further in the future.

Would like to say a massive thanks to all who were involved with this EP. This includes musicians and technicians!



Rock With You: Recorded + Mixed

On Thursday, I went into college with David and recorded the Rock With You cover.

We didn’t have too long to record this, and there were some technical issues which made the process quite difficult. The vocals were sounding very high end and ‘tinny’, almost like all of the low frequencies had been cut. And there were some problems with levels in Davids headphones.

We did manage to record the song, which is great! However, it wasn’t sounding as good as it could’ve been. But I have tried my best with the mixing and don’t think that it sounds too bad now.

So finally, all of my songs are recorded and mixed for the EP which is going to be released tomorrow (Monday 3oth May) on to SoundCloud!

Here are a few pictures of the recording set up that we used for this cover.

Here is the SoundCloud link for the demo. Hope you enjoy!

Huge thanks to David for playing on this track. (

Your Song Cover

Today I recorded the ‘Your Song’ cover for my EP.

The recording process for this was to record the piano accompaniment through a midi keyboard onto logic. On this track Dan Simms played the piano. This was very simple and a quick process. Then I bounced the piano instrumental to an mp3 so that I could transfer it to GarageBand. I recorded the vocals through the Scarlett box at college on to the GarageBand software so that I could take the file home and mix it. Again, recording the vocals was very quick and done in a few takes. I decided to add a little harmony at the end as I thought it sounded nice to finish the song.

Mixing the song wasn’t as hard as the others. Which I think is due to the instruments and amount of tracks in the piece. During the mixing process, I decided to add some strings into the song which I felt added dynamics and texture.

Overall I am really pleased with how this track sounds.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 22.29.11.png

There is a demo on SoundCloud, so go and check that out!

Massive thank you to Dan Simms for playing piano on this track.


EP Cover Designs

I have created cover designs for each song and then a final EP cover design with track list on the back.

I really enjoyed designing these covers! I used the website which allowed me to use a template, but add text and images.


In these designs, I had a clear idea of what I could do for the covers. I wanted the cover to represent the song and its lyrics. The first design is really simple and uses the song title as its theme. I chose to use wooden planks as the background to give the feeling of a shack, and then wanted to incorporate the love theme, so added a heart in the bottom corner. The second design focuses more on the song lyrics. “I got me car, its as big as a whale. And we’re heading’ on down to the love shack”. The reason why I chose to use this specific image is because of the lyrics used in the song, and also the official music video as it contains a clip of people in a convertible car like the one in the design.

Out of the two designs for this song, I have chosen to use the second. The second design looks more professional, represents the summer ‘getaway’ feel of the song better and it is a lot brighter which will help draw attention.


I spoke about these designs in my previous blog post when I uploaded a demo version of this cover to SoundCloud. I chose to use the second design as I think it is more artistic and will draw more attention than the first design.


Because this song is very soft and delicate, I wanted a design that would show this. My idea for the first design came from the song lyrics. I also liked the idea of having two people looking up at the stars, I think it has quite a romantic feel to it. The second design is very simplistic. I wanted something that was completely different to the first, so that I had a good contrast. Even though this idea is simple, I think it looks quite professional and mature.

I like both of these designs, but decided I would use the first out of the two. From feedback that that I got this was the favourite and I think it is more creative and fits the song better.


I really struggled for a design idea for this song. The first design came from me playing around with the tools on Canva. However, I actually like how this design is bold and bright, but really simple. My second design idea shows the disco feel a lot more (by using a background of a disco ball). I used two different fonts for the title of this design. I hadn’t done this before so thought it would be fun and interesting to do.

Feedback told me to use the second design. I agree with this! I think the second design is much more suitable for the song.


I need to design a complete cover for the Cover EP. For these designs, I also created a back which shows the track list of the EP. I enjoyed creating these covers as it represents my final product which is really exciting!

I didn’t really have any idea of what I wanted the final cover to look like. The first design is very plain, but I think it is really effective and grabs people’s attention. I like how it has the play/pause icon on both the front and back. It is a unique and recognisable logo that would represent my project. The second design has abit more going on. You have the background of a forest which I really like, and I have used the triangle shape again, on the front and back. However, I think cover ideas, similar to this one, have been used before.

The cover that I have chosen to use is the first one. I prefer this cover because it looks a lot smarter and more professional. I like how it has the logo which is unique, but can be used to represent the whole EP. I am also basing my decision on the feedback I got, which was to choose the first cover.

Back To Black Mixing Complete & Single Cover Design

Over the holidays, I have been mixing the tracks that were recorded before the college break.

The software I used to mix my track was GarageBand. I had no issues with mixing the track, however, because it wasn’t recorded in great detail, some of the tracks needed more editing than others.

My Back To Black recording is complete and I have uploaded a demo version to SoundCloud. You can check it out below.

Before uploading, I created two cover designs for this track using an online photo editor.

Out of the two designs, I personally prefer the second as I think it is more complex and will draw peoples attention more than the first.


Back To Black Recording

Today I got ‘Back To Black’ recorded for my cover EP!

The recording session was a great chance for me and everybody else to work with other musicians on the course, as a lot of the time we only record with our college bands.

However, the tech students who recorded us were on level 2. They were quite slow and had to have a lot of help from us and tutors, so compared to other recording sessions it was not the best.

But everybody who was recording for the song did great! Its sounding really nice and I’m looking forward to finishing the mix.

Massive thanks to everyone who was playing on this track!

Cover EP: Licensing & Copyright

For my cover EP, which I will be recording very soon, I need to understand how copyright and licensing works for cover songs.

What is Licensing?

“Music licensing is the licensed use of copyrighted music. Music licensing is intended to ensure that the owners of copyrights on musical works are compensated for certain uses of their work.”

Because I am doing a covers EP, the type of license that I will need is a mechanical license. A mechanical license refers to the reproduction (for distribution or sale) of a sound recording. This license is issued by the songwriter or publisher of the song.

As my EP is going to be released on SoundCloud, I need to focus more on the digital side of licensing. For digital downloads, the royalties are actually determined by the amount of downloads.

— The statutory rate of royalties is 9.1¢ per song. So, for example, if my EP was downloaded 500 times, with 4 covers, the royalties owed would be $18.20. (500 downloads x 4 covers x 9.1¢ per song). —

However, you can get different rates from different sites:

  • LOUDR: $15 service fee + publisher royalties = your total per license

What is Copyright?

Every record has 2 separate copyrights, these are:

  • The composition itself – the records music, lyrics. This copyright is owned by the songwriter and/or publisher.
  • The sound recording – a particular recorded version of a musical composition. This copyright is owned by the recording artist and/or label.

So when I record the songs I will own the copyright in that recording, but will need permission to use the songs as I don’t own this copyright. | |


Love Shack Recording

On the 24th February, Ceaux Fly recorded Love Shack with some level 3 tech students, who are running a record label called Funk Yourself Records.

The recording session went really good! However, our bassist Adam is away in Australia so Archie recorded a guide bass part for this song. Adam will re-record this when he gets back.

At the end of the session, I took the stems of the recordings so that I can mix the song at home and use for my cover EP project.

Check out the Funk Yourself Records instagram:

Back To Black Rehearsal

On Friday, the Back To Black band got together to run through the song a couple of times to make sure that everything was sounding okay.

It was sounding great!

Everybody had learnt their part, so it was a really quick rehearsal, and we plan to record it very soon!


David Mayne – Guitar ( • James Ellingworth – Bass ( • Christophe Genol De La Ceaux – Drums ( • Will Bryan – Keys ( • Kat Florence – Violin (