Whats Been Happening With Ceaux Fly?!

Over the last week or two, I have not been posting much about Ceaux Fly.

I was given the amazing opportunity to go down to London and spend some time in profession rehearsal and recording situations. This was, and is, something that I wasn’t able to turn down… Due to the course coming to an end, I only have small pieces of work left to do and most of them could be done outside of college. It was agreed with the course leader that I could go down to London and come into college only on days that I needed to do an assessment/ hand in a submission.

Unfortunately this meant that I wouldn’t be present for rehearsals or gigs that Ceaux Fly had, meaning that I would no longer be a part of the band. However, some understood the opportunity that I had been given was too good to turn away, and said they would do the same thing if it was them.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the band and wish them all the best at university and life after the course.


Ceaux Fly “So Fly” EP

On Saturday ‘So Fly’ was released.

This is the EP from Ceaux Fly that level 3 tech students have been working on for the past few months.

There are 3 tracks on the EP which are;

1. Tunnel Vision    2. Razors Edge    3. Jupiter Rock

They sound all sound great. Its good to be able to promote the band with an EP for people to listen to after they have been to a gig.

Thank you so much to the tech students at Leicester College, Abu Noor, Kenny Megginson and Jake Shaw!

Check out the EP on band camp and please support us.



Ceaux Fly Update

Today Ceaux Fly had another rehearsal where we focused on our goals set last week.

We have learnt Cake By The Ocean, named the new song ‘Gone Too Far’ and made a new set list for our next gig on the 19th, which James will be stepping in on bass for. The new set list is; Tunnel Vision | Gone Too Far | Love Shack | Long Train Running | Summertime | Cake By The Ocean

We also have our recording session with the Honey Label on the 19th which will be great!


Ceaux Fly Goals

At our rehearsal on Friday, we all sat down and listed new goals for the band.

  • Learn 3 covers (at home) by the 26th: 1. Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai | 2. I’ll Be There – Chic | 3. Cake By The Ocean – DNCE
  • Write 2 originals (in college) by the 20th.
  • Create a new set for our next gig on the 19th.
  • Work on harmonies for our next recording session.

These are the goals that we have set ourselves to achieve as a band!

There is also a possibly of us doing a wedding gig on the 6th August. We will be doing 2 1 hour sets, mostly covers which means that we can learn the songs at home and rehearse together to make sure everything is sounding okay. If we are able to do this gig it will be great experience for us all!

First Day Of Recording With Honey Label

On Thursday, Ceaux Fly went to the Honey Label Studio to record 2 of our original songs. It was a great experience, but we need one more day to finish off.

We were there from 9 until 2 and got most of the 2 songs recorded. The only things left to do are vocal takes, trumpet and hopefully one of our friends will be stepping in to do saxophone, which will be amazing!!

Our schedule ran something like this:

9am – arrive, set up.

10am – get the drums recorded with guide vocal, guitar, bass and keys.

11.30 – drums finished. Record keys properly.

12 – record bass parts

1 – record all guitar parts

2 – finished for the day. Packing down

Natterjacks Gig 30th April

Ceaux Fly played at Natterjacks on the 30th April. It was a great gig! I’d say one of our best!

We were given a 35 minute slot and our set list consisted of;

Megatron | Razors Edge | Love Shack | Summertime | Jupiter Rock | New One (Un-named) | Long Train Running

Will recorded all of the set, so we should have some footage up soon!

Natterjacks All Day Event

On the 30th April, Ceaux Fly are performing at a Natterjacks all day music and family fun event starting at 3pm.

This will be our second time performing at Natterjacks, and last time it was great. We are hoping that this time will be even better!

Ceaux Fly will be on at 9.50 for a 35 minute set. Our new (still un-named) song will be played for the first time, so it will be great to see what the response is!

Come down for a great day of music!


Ceaux Fly’s New Song

Ceaux Fly have been busy writing a new song. It has more of a disco vibe to it than our others, but is yet to be named.

As a band, we decided to write a new song with a more dance-along disco feel. I think we have achieved this! Many people have said it could be our “best song so far”!

The song includes losts of breaks and harmonies, and personally I feel it pushes my vocal abilities as it sits at the top end of my ‘chest voice’ range. Also because the song is in the disco genre, the vocals need to be powerful and soulful to make the song sound fuller. Power is something that I have worked on in vocal lessons since starting college, and will continue to work on when I leave. From practicing more powerful songs and using the techniques given to me by Graham, I really do think that my power has improved which I am so happy about.

Hopefully we will be gigging this song soon. But in May we will be recording it with the Honey Label!

… We just need to find a name for it …