Hey! I’m Emily, a singer and songwriter from Leicestershire.

I study Performing Musician which I hope will lead me to having a good career in music.

I have been singing for around 7 years now, the main inspiration was Michael Jackson, after he passed away I listened to his music constantly, so he was the first artist that really got me into music. I haven’t always wanted a career in the music industry, I grew up thinking that I wanted to be a vet and work with animals, like most girls. However, since 2011, music has been my main ambition! In 2012, I joined an organisation called Rock Solid Academy (also known as RSA) where I would perform chosen songs with other musicians. This led me to joining a band called Fallen Empire in 2013, which gave me the chance to organise, promote and perform at events and venues.

Now I am at college, I am involved with many bands and thoroughly enjoying it! Being at college has expanded my knowledge of music, including the history, theory and business side of it.


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