Rock With You: Recorded + Mixed

On Thursday, I went into college with David and recorded the Rock With You cover.

We didn’t have too long to record this, and there were some technical issues which made the process quite difficult. The vocals were sounding very high end and ‘tinny’, almost like all of the low frequencies had been cut. And there were some problems with levels in Davids headphones.

We did manage to record the song, which is great! However, it wasn’t sounding as good as it could’ve been. But I have tried my best with the mixing and don’t think that it sounds too bad now.

So finally, all of my songs are recorded and mixed for the EP which is going to be released tomorrow (Monday 3oth May) on to SoundCloud!

Here are a few pictures of the recording set up that we used for this cover.

Here is the SoundCloud link for the demo. Hope you enjoy!

Huge thanks to David for playing on this track. (


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