Your Song Cover

Today I recorded the ‘Your Song’ cover for my EP.

The recording process for this was to record the piano accompaniment through a midi keyboard onto logic. On this track Dan Simms played the piano. This was very simple and a quick process. Then I bounced the piano instrumental to an mp3 so that I could transfer it to GarageBand. I recorded the vocals through the Scarlett box at college on to the GarageBand software so that I could take the file home and mix it. Again, recording the vocals was very quick and done in a few takes. I decided to add a little harmony at the end as I thought it sounded nice to finish the song.

Mixing the song wasn’t as hard as the others. Which I think is due to the instruments and amount of tracks in the piece. During the mixing process, I decided to add some strings into the song which I felt added dynamics and texture.

Overall I am really pleased with how this track sounds.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 22.29.11.png

There is a demo on SoundCloud, so go and check that out!

Massive thank you to Dan Simms for playing piano on this track.



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