Ceaux Fly’s New Song

Ceaux Fly have been busy writing a new song. It has more of a disco vibe to it than our others, but is yet to be named.

As a band, we decided to write a new song with a more dance-along disco feel. I think we have achieved this! Many people have said it could be our “best song so far”!

The song includes losts of breaks and harmonies, and personally I feel it pushes my vocal abilities as it sits at the top end of my ‘chest voice’ range. Also because the song is in the disco genre, the vocals need to be powerful and soulful to make the song sound fuller. Power is something that I have worked on in vocal lessons since starting college, and will continue to work on when I leave. From practicing more powerful songs and using the techniques given to me by Graham, I really do think that my power has improved which I am so happy about.

Hopefully we will be gigging this song soon. But in May we will be recording it with the Honey Label!

… We just need to find a name for it …


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