Masterclass Feedback

As the second part of my masterclass was the last day of term, it was very difficult to get feedback from the students. However, I have now got the feedback and will be using 3 students as examples!

1. Did you enjoy the masterclass?

  • Yes, I really enjoyed the masterclass. Especially the 2nd part where we learnt Amazing Grace.
  • I enjoyed the masterclass because it was fun and gave me and my friends something different to do during lunchtimes.
  • I did enjoy it, but as it wasn’t a long amount of time, I thought it was quite rushed.

2.Do you feel you learnt something during the masterclass? E.g vocal warm ups and why they are important.

  • I did learn things in the masterclass. I thought the information given out on the worksheets and what Emily said throughout the lesson gave me good advice of how to sing.
  • Yes, I learnt a lot. The warm ups and harmony work was fun, and to have sheets to keep with examples on was really good.
  • Yes. I learnt some warm ups to do before I sing. But I didn’t really learn anything when we talked about harmonies.
3. Did you feel the class was well organised?
  • The class was really well organised. We were given work sheets, that were also shown on the projector, Emily had an mp3 of Amazing Grace and the sheet music to go with it. There was a problem about the soprano part being too high, but that was solved really quickly.
  • It was organised well. Because I don’t read music, the mp3 version was a great way to know what to sing.
  • It was really organised. There were lots of different hand outs to keep which was good.
4. Was the masterclass aimed at the right level for you?
  • I think so. I understood what was being said and could follow the speed of the class.
  • Yes. Nothing was too difficult. I thought I might have struggled, but the mp3 helped loads.
  • I think it was aimed more for people who were used to being in a choir. It was still fun, but just too hard for me.
5. Could you state any improvements that you would have made to the class?
  • Not really. The class was really good. Maybe we could’ve done more in the first half of the class though.
  • I think the class ran great as it was.
  • I would’ve used the mp3 more as we only heard that a few times even though Mrs Oakland was playing piano. The class would’ve been better if it was longer, because we would be able to spend more time on each thing.

I am pleased with the feedback that I have got from my masterclass.

I think that if I was to do my masterclass again, I would use the mp3 version more as I know that helped people a lot. I knew after I had done both parts of my masterclass that the students preferred actually learning the Amazing Grace arrangement, and this is shown in the feedback that I got.



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