EP Cover Designs

I have created cover designs for each song and then a final EP cover design with track list on the back.

I really enjoyed designing these covers! I used the website canva.com which allowed me to use a template, but add text and images.


In these designs, I had a clear idea of what I could do for the covers. I wanted the cover to represent the song and its lyrics. The first design is really simple and uses the song title as its theme. I chose to use wooden planks as the background to give the feeling of a shack, and then wanted to incorporate the love theme, so added a heart in the bottom corner. The second design focuses more on the song lyrics. “I got me car, its as big as a whale. And we’re heading’ on down to the love shack”. The reason why I chose to use this specific image is because of the lyrics used in the song, and also the official music video as it contains a clip of people in a convertible car like the one in the design.

Out of the two designs for this song, I have chosen to use the second. The second design looks more professional, represents the summer ‘getaway’ feel of the song better and it is a lot brighter which will help draw attention.


I spoke about these designs in my previous blog post when I uploaded a demo version of this cover to SoundCloud. I chose to use the second design as I think it is more artistic and will draw more attention than the first design.


Because this song is very soft and delicate, I wanted a design that would show this. My idea for the first design came from the song lyrics. I also liked the idea of having two people looking up at the stars, I think it has quite a romantic feel to it. The second design is very simplistic. I wanted something that was completely different to the first, so that I had a good contrast. Even though this idea is simple, I think it looks quite professional and mature.

I like both of these designs, but decided I would use the first out of the two. From feedback that that I got this was the favourite and I think it is more creative and fits the song better.


I really struggled for a design idea for this song. The first design came from me playing around with the tools on Canva. However, I actually like how this design is bold and bright, but really simple. My second design idea shows the disco feel a lot more (by using a background of a disco ball). I used two different fonts for the title of this design. I hadn’t done this before so thought it would be fun and interesting to do.

Feedback told me to use the second design. I agree with this! I think the second design is much more suitable for the song.


I need to design a complete cover for the Cover EP. For these designs, I also created a back which shows the track list of the EP. I enjoyed creating these covers as it represents my final product which is really exciting!

I didn’t really have any idea of what I wanted the final cover to look like. The first design is very plain, but I think it is really effective and grabs people’s attention. I like how it has the play/pause icon on both the front and back. It is a unique and recognisable logo that would represent my project. The second design has abit more going on. You have the background of a forest which I really like, and I have used the triangle shape again, on the front and back. However, I think cover ideas, similar to this one, have been used before.

The cover that I have chosen to use is the first one. I prefer this cover because it looks a lot smarter and more professional. I like how it has the logo which is unique, but can be used to represent the whole EP. I am also basing my decision on the feedback I got, which was to choose the first cover.


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