Some Sort of Showcase Final

On Sunday, Ceaux Fly played at the Some Sort Of Showcase Final! Unfortunately we did not win, but we had a great night and we are all thankful for the amazing opportunity.

There were 5 bands battling against each other in the finals, all with high energy, confidence and enthusiasm. The amount of talent was incredible! The winners were ‘Once Vagrant Souls’, and acoustic rock/indie band. They had a really unique sound, and absolutely smashed their set! Definitely deserved to win the showcase.

The Shed was the busiest I had ever seen it! It was packed from wall to wall. Some people even had to stand and listen from the entrance because there was no room. Its great to see people supporting a local music venue like that.

Although it was a competition, the atmosphere wasn’t competitive. Everyone would wish other bands good luck before they went on stage, and give compliments afterwards.

Ceaux Fly were the 3rd band to play, and our set list was;

Long Train Running | Tunnel Vision | Razors Edge | Love Shack | Jupiter Rock | Summertime

As a band we decided on this set list because we felt that it included our best originals, showed off our writing and musicianship skills, and gave the crowd the opportunity to sing and dance along with covers!

Check out the other bands facebook pages here; // The Ladz from // Little Dead // Once Vagrant
Also Ceaux Fly now have an instagram! Follow us:

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