College Assessment: 9th December

For part of our instrumental and business assessment, we had to perform a technically demanding set to our tutors. This was the written brief that we were given:

“Music makers need to have a range of skills and knowledge that encompass a highly developed repertoire. During this assessment you will be required to develop a set of material with your band; this material should challenge your own technical ability, dexterity, stamina and control of your chosen instrument, and be at an appropriate level.”

I was assessed based on the goals that I had individually set earlier on in the year. My goals included;

  • Increased range
  • Better stamina
  • Improved improvisation
  • More unique, interesting and fuller harmonies
  • Muscle memory
  • Sight-reading

I made sure that I included the goals that were appropriate for a performance into the set.

As a band, we discussed the set list, taking into consideration everybody’s targets, and agreed on 2 originals and then a cover.

The 2 originals were ‘Jupiter Rock’ and ‘Razors Edge’. Both of these songs involve harmonies, but the dynamics and stamina control in ‘Razors Edge’ are extremely important to support the mood of the song.

One of our covers that we do as a band is ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars. However, we have combined this song with lots of other songs including, ‘Superstition’, ‘Wild Wild West’, ‘Good Times’ and ‘Express Yourself’ to make a massive and interesting mash up. At the end, we have a section where we introduce each member of the band and they take a solo. One of my goals was to improve on improvisation, so this was a great way to tick that off the list.

Ceaux Fly are doing a gig on the 18th December at BrewDog in Leicester. It is the first night for the venue to have live music, so we are very happy that we have been asked to perform!

Get yourselves down to BrewDog if you want a great night of beer and music!



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