Ceaux Fly Gig: 17th November

On the 17th November, I performed at a gig with Ceaux Fly. We were joined by Oscar Prince, Oblivious, Coalescene and Blues De La Ceaux.

The gig went extremely well, and we all got lots of compliments afterwards. For it being our first gig as a whole band, it was great! We played 5 originals which were Jupiter Rock, Razors Edge, Tunnel Vision, Let Me Down Easy and Summertime, and then 2 covers, Uptown Funk and Jungle Boogie.

Everybody else who performed were amazing.

Thank you to James for organising it all and allowing us to play.

Ceaux Fly have a recording session booked for the 25th November and 1st December where we will record all of our originals and covers. Once they are mixed, we will put them onto SoundCloud for you all to listen to.

Check out some of the other acts that played on the 17th here:

Oscar Prince: facebook.com/oscarprincemusic || soundcloud.com/oscar-prince

Oblivious: facebook.com/oblivious.band || soundcloud.com/oblivious_band

Blues De La Ceaux: facebook.com/BluesDeLaCeaux


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