Freelance Project

As part of my college course, I will be taking on the challenge of doing two independent freelance projects. One of these will be teaching, and the other will be to record and market a covers EP with various musicians from the same course.

I am really looking forward to doing this as I think it will be a great guide for possible jobs that perhaps I hadn’t of thought before.

For the teaching project, I will be going in to a school, that takes students from year 7-11, to teach a small group of them vocal techniques that I have learnt through college. It has always been an option that I could go into teaching, so having the experience of teaching at this age will be really useful for me.

The second project that I am planning to do, is going to be a covers EP. I decided on this because I really want to experience the whole recording progress. The reason for it being a cover EP is because I am not very good at writing originals. I also want to produce something that people want to listen to and know, and by doing covers it gives me chance to make them unique aswell. The musicians used on the recordings will all be from the same college course that I am currently studying.


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