Whats Been Happening With Ceaux Fly?!

Over the last week or two, I have not been posting much about Ceaux Fly.

I was given the amazing opportunity to go down to London and spend some time in profession rehearsal and recording situations. This was, and is, something that I wasn’t able to turn down… Due to the course coming to an end, I only have small pieces of work left to do and most of them could be done outside of college. It was agreed with the course leader that I could go down to London and come into college only on days that I needed to do an assessment/ hand in a submission.

Unfortunately this meant that I wouldn’t be present for rehearsals or gigs that Ceaux Fly had, meaning that I would no longer be a part of the band. However, some understood the opportunity that I had been given was too good to turn away, and said they would do the same thing if it was them.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the band and wish them all the best at university and life after the course.



So pleased to announce that today I have uploaded my Cover EP onto SoundCloud!

This Cover EP is for my freelance business project at college.

At the beginning of the business unit I decided to do a Cover EP to expand my skills in mixing, gain more experience within a recording environment and to work on promotion skills. I also thought that it would be a great way to promote myself in the future to get work.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this whole process. At times it has definitely been a challenge, but it is great, and worth it, to be able to see a final product! Extremely pleased with how the EP sounds. I know that my strength is not in mixing, but I am happy that I have been able to build on this skill and will hopefully progress further in the future.

Would like to say a massive thanks to all who were involved with this EP. This includes musicians and technicians!


Rock With You: Recorded + Mixed

On Thursday, I went into college with David and recorded the Rock With You cover.

We didn’t have too long to record this, and there were some technical issues which made the process quite difficult. The vocals were sounding very high end and ‘tinny’, almost like all of the low frequencies had been cut. And there were some problems with levels in Davids headphones.

We did manage to record the song, which is great! However, it wasn’t sounding as good as it could’ve been. But I have tried my best with the mixing and don’t think that it sounds too bad now.

So finally, all of my songs are recorded and mixed for the EP which is going to be released tomorrow (Monday 3oth May) on to SoundCloud!

Here are a few pictures of the recording set up that we used for this cover.

Here is the SoundCloud link for the demo. Hope you enjoy!

Huge thanks to David for playing on this track. (davidmaynemusic.wordpress.com)

Your Song Cover

Today I recorded the ‘Your Song’ cover for my EP.

The recording process for this was to record the piano accompaniment through a midi keyboard onto logic. On this track Dan Simms played the piano. This was very simple and a quick process. Then I bounced the piano instrumental to an mp3 so that I could transfer it to GarageBand. I recorded the vocals through the Scarlett box at college on to the GarageBand software so that I could take the file home and mix it. Again, recording the vocals was very quick and done in a few takes. I decided to add a little harmony at the end as I thought it sounded nice to finish the song.

Mixing the song wasn’t as hard as the others. Which I think is due to the instruments and amount of tracks in the piece. During the mixing process, I decided to add some strings into the song which I felt added dynamics and texture.

Overall I am really pleased with how this track sounds.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 22.29.11.png

There is a demo on SoundCloud, so go and check that out!

Massive thank you to Dan Simms for playing piano on this track. daniellawrencesimms.wordpress.com


Ceaux Fly “So Fly” EP

On Saturday ‘So Fly’ was released.

This is the EP from Ceaux Fly that level 3 tech students have been working on for the past few months.

There are 3 tracks on the EP which are;

1. Tunnel Vision    2. Razors Edge    3. Jupiter Rock

They sound all sound great. Its good to be able to promote the band with an EP for people to listen to after they have been to a gig.

Thank you so much to the tech students at Leicester College, Abu Noor, Kenny Megginson and Jake Shaw!

Check out the EP on band camp and please support us.



Ceaux Fly Update

Today Ceaux Fly had another rehearsal where we focused on our goals set last week.

We have learnt Cake By The Ocean, named the new song ‘Gone Too Far’ and made a new set list for our next gig on the 19th, which James will be stepping in on bass for. The new set list is; Tunnel Vision | Gone Too Far | Love Shack | Long Train Running | Summertime | Cake By The Ocean

We also have our recording session with the Honey Label on the 19th which will be great!


Masterclass Review – My Opinion

After doing my masterclass, I have looked back on my lesson plan to review, in my own opinion, how it went.

Personally, I feel that my masterclass went well, but was expecting it to be much different. It felt like it was very rushed due to the short time we had (20 minutes due to the 40 minute lunch break which had to be shortened to allow students to eat) and when looking back on my lesson plan, due to being nervous, I did miss a few things out.

STARTER ACTIVITY: The starter activity which was to discuss warm-ups and have each student give an idea, did not happen quite as I had planned. We did discuss why warm-ups were important and I gave out the work-sheet allowing students to see some of the warm ups that I personally do. However, as all of the students were quite shy and didn’t voice their opinion too much, I felt that they might feel slightly uncomfortable and embarrassed giving their ideas and examples for warms ups. Because of this I decided to stick with just discussing them and doing demonstrations myself, that they could join in with if they wanted to.

ACTIVITY 1: This activity is where we would talk about harmonies in music, and how they create a fuller, more textured song. In my plan I said that I would show a clip of a song, and then talk about the four vocal parts, but during the actual masterclass, I did this the other way round. I asked the students if they knew what the 4 main vocal parts are, they were all certain of the answer which was great. I did show the class a small section of the song by Destinys Child ‘Gospel Melody’, but at this point felt they became uninterested. After the clips had finished I asked is any body else had a clip they wanted to share. As I thought, nobody offered to share any music, so we moved onto learning Amazing Grace. – The lunch break only had 5 minutes left, so we decided to stop there and work on it next week. – 

ACTIVITY 2: Activity 2 was to learn the arrangement of Amazing Grace. This week 14 students turned up during the lunch break for my masterclass, compared to the 7 in the previous week. This was great! Although only alto and soprano vocal parts turned up, but this was not a big problem. I gave a print-out of the vocal score to each student so they could follow the music and played the mp3 version whilst they were eating their lunch so they could hear what it was going to sound like. When we started to practice Amazing Grace, we found that the soprano part was too high for the students. Because of this we decided to make the alto part the soprano, and drop the original soprano part down an octave to make the new alto part. This worked well and all of the students felt much more comfortable singing this. For the few people who did not read music, I played the mp3 version so that they had a guide to follow and could remember the pattern. When changing the vocal parts, some of the sharps or flats did not match on the garageband project, so there were a few off notes played during a run-through. Mrs Oakland, the music teacher, did accompany the vocals on piano which was really helpful when wanting to focus on a specific part. I think this section of the masterclass went really well, all of the students were enthusiastic to learn and seemed to enjoy the lesson. It was also a great experience for me to be able to see what it would be like to be a vocal tutor or work within a school environment.

REVIEW/PLENARY: The review did not happen as I expected. We did run out of time and I was not able to open a discussion about the masterclass. However, I did give out surveys for all of the students to answer, so this worked as a review as I asked good questions about how they found the masterclass and if they learnt anything. The feedback was very positive and I am really happy about that.

Ceaux Fly Goals

At our rehearsal on Friday, we all sat down and listed new goals for the band.

  • Learn 3 covers (at home) by the 26th: 1. Virtual Insanity – Jamiroquai | 2. I’ll Be There – Chic | 3. Cake By The Ocean – DNCE
  • Write 2 originals (in college) by the 20th.
  • Create a new set for our next gig on the 19th.
  • Work on harmonies for our next recording session.

These are the goals that we have set ourselves to achieve as a band!

There is also a possibly of us doing a wedding gig on the 6th August. We will be doing 2 1 hour sets, mostly covers which means that we can learn the songs at home and rehearse together to make sure everything is sounding okay. If we are able to do this gig it will be great experience for us all!

First Day Of Recording With Honey Label

On Thursday, Ceaux Fly went to the Honey Label Studio to record 2 of our original songs. It was a great experience, but we need one more day to finish off.

We were there from 9 until 2 and got most of the 2 songs recorded. The only things left to do are vocal takes, trumpet and hopefully one of our friends will be stepping in to do saxophone, which will be amazing!!

Our schedule ran something like this:

9am – arrive, set up.

10am – get the drums recorded with guide vocal, guitar, bass and keys.

11.30 – drums finished. Record keys properly.

12 – record bass parts

1 – record all guitar parts

2 – finished for the day. Packing down